Digital Viscometer VISCO-895

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By changing the material used for body, legs and stand to alminium, unit weight is now 895g as described in the model name. Appearance and all features remain unchanged, while achieving 25% weight reduction compared to existing VISCO™.

Model: VISCO-895
Producer: ATAGO - JAPAN
Origin : JAPAN
Status :Available

Model: VISCO-895.
Scale: Viscosity・Temperature・Torque%.
Measurement Readings: Viscosity・Temperature・Torque%・Speed・Spindle and beaker combination.
Measurement range: Viscosity: A1 50 to 200,000mPa・s / 50 to 200,000cP.
                                                     A2 100 to 600,000mPa・s / 100 to 600,000cP.
                                                     A3 500 to 2,000,000mPa・s / 500 to 2,000,000cP.
                                                     UL 1~2,000mPa・s .
Torque: 0.0 to 100.0% (recommended torque: 10.0 to 100.0%).
Speed: 0.5 to 250rpm.
Number of Speeds: 20.
Resolution: Viscosity: lower than 10,000mPa・s 0.1mPa・s.
                                     10,000mPa・s or higher 1mPa・s .
                   Torque: 0.1% .
                   Temperature: 0.1℃.
Measurement Accuracy: Viscosity: ±1% of Maximum Viscosity.
                                        Temperature: ±0.2℃.
Ambient Temperature: 10 to 40℃.
Power Supply: LR6 / AA alkaline batteries (x4) .
AC adapter input: AC100 to 240V. 50/60Hz, 0.3A .
output: 9V, 0.5A.
Computer Communication: Output: USB – PC.
Included Accessories: Main unit:1.
                                    Spindles (A1, A2 and A3):one each.
                                    Temperature sensor:1.
                                    Small volume beaker attachment:1
                                    S Beaker (15mL):1.
                                    L Beaker (100mL):1.
                                    AC adapter:1.
                                    USB Mini-B cable (1m):1.
                                    1.5V AA alkaline batteries:4.
                                    Instruction manual:1.
                                    Inspection certificate:1.
                                    Spindle stand:1.
                                    Protective cap:1.
                                    Carrying case:1.
Dimensions & Weight: Main unit: 120(W)x120(D)x200.6(H)mm.
0.895kg (excluding batteries, spindles and temperature sensor) .
Stand+screw: 0.27kg .
Small volume beaker attachment: 0.1kg.
Language: Japanese / English.
Options: · Temperature sensor : RE-75540.
· SpindleA1 : RE-77104.
· SpindleA2 : RE-77105.
· SpindleA3 : RE-77106.
· BeakerS : RE-79100.
· BeakerL : RE-79101.
· Cup Adaptor : RE-78141.
· Paper Cup : RE-79102.
· Plastic Cup : RE-79103.
· Standard liquid JS200 : RE-89016.
· Standard liquid JS500 : RE-89017.
· Standard liquid JS2000 : RE-89019.
· Ultra Low Adapter (ULA)- Sample Adapter for Low Viscosity Sample : RE-77120