Dgital Viscometer VISCO

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Compact and easily carried with one hand. 
Battery operated—measurements can be taken anywhere.
Fully digital display allows for anyone to easily read results.
Capable to measure with only a small amount of sample.
Easy set-up and simple, one-button operation.
Capable of taking measurements with containers other than the included beakers, such as disposable paper cups.

Model: VISCO
Producer: ATAGO - JAPAN
Origin : JAPAN
Status :Available

Model: VISCO.
Scale: Viscosity・Temperature・Torque%.
Measurement Readings: Viscosity・Temperature・Torque%・Speed・Spindle and beaker combination.
Measurement range: Viscosity: A1 50 to 200,000mPa・s / 50 to 200,000cP .
                                                     A2 100 to 600,000mPa・s / 100 to 600,000cP .
                                                     A3 500 to 2,000,000mPa・s / 500 to 2,000,000cP
                                                     UL 1~2,000mPa・s .
                                  Torque: 0.0 to 100.0% (recommended torque: 10.0 to 100.0%).
Speed: 0.5 to 250rpm .
Number of Speeds: 20.
Resolution: Viscosity: lower than 10,000mPa・s 0.1mPa・s .
10,000mPa・s or higher 1mPa・s .
Torque: 0.1% .
Temperature: 0.1℃.
Measurement Accuracy: Viscosity: ±1% of Maximum Viscosity  .
Temperature: ±0.2℃.
Ambient Temperature: 10 to 40℃.
Power Supply: LR6 / AA alkaline batteries (x4) .
AC adapter input: AC100 to 240V. 50/60Hz, 0.3A .
output: 9V, 0.5A.
Computer Communication: Output: USB – PC.
Included Accessories: Main unit:1.
Spindles (A1, A2 and A3):one each.
Temperature sensor:1.
Small volume beaker attachment:1.
S Beaker (15mL):1.
L Beaker (100mL):1.
AC adapter:1.
USB Mini-B cable (1m):1.
1.5V AA alkaline batteries:4.
Instruction manual:1.
Inspection certificate:1.
Spindle stand:1.
Protective cap:1.
Carrying case:1.
Dimensions & Weight: Main unit: 120(W)x120(D)x200.6(H)mm .
1.2kg (excluding batteries, spindles and temperature sensor) .
Stand+screw: 0.5kg .
Small volume beaker attachment: 0.1kg.
Language: Japanese / English.
Options: · Temperature sensor : RE-75540.
· SpindleA1 : RE-77104.
· SpindleA2 : RE-77105.
· SpindleA3 : RE-77106.
· BeakerS : RE-79100.
· BeakerL : RE-79101.
· Cup Adaptor : RE-78141.
· Paper Cup : RE-79102.
· Plastic Cup : RE-79103.
· Standard liquid JS200 : RE-89016.
· Standard liquid JS500 : RE-89017.
· Standard liquid JS2000 : RE-89019.
· Ultra Low Adapter (ULA)- Sample Adapter for Low Viscosity Sample : RE-77120