About Atago - Japan
Year 2005 - ATAGO was established 65 years ago and we have been developing, manufacturing, and marketing Refractometers based on our in-depth study of optics. This year we have released our NEW Hand-Held Refractometer series, the "MASTER" to support and meet our customer's needs.
The NEW "MASTER" series is a fitting name to match its ultimate performance.
The trade mark, "" is the Japanese Kanji which means "light.". The decision to use this Kanji as a trade mark for the MASTER series is to emphasize that this product was designed and manufactured in Japan. With the multitude of imitation products out in the market today, ATAGO is maintaining our identity as the master of manufacturing quality instruments. We, ATAGO, would like to be your business partner and to be the "light" to continue towards a bright future together.